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A rich cooking experience in every kitchen

Cooking is an art and we bring you a range of convenient products so you can excel at it. The tandoori method of cooking is famous all over the world for the tempting and delicious cuisines it produces. We combine traditional art with modern technology to develop an exceptional range of products that are hassle free and completely hygienic so you enjoy a convenient cooking experience.

At Super Caboose Engineers, we manufacture and supply the most superior technology based products for commercial as well as domestic kitchens. With a rich experience since our establishment in the year 2000, we have earned a ‘Seal of Recognition’ for our products and services. Our customer base from India, Australia, U.S, Germany, Malaysia and other Middle East countries justify our product quality and level of delivery.

We Believe in Quality Work

Tandoori cooking gained popularity as it can be a very healthy and easy way of preparing foods. It is one of the world’s greatest cooking methods that has become synonymous with the food that is prepared. All you need is the right Tandoor to prepare the most popular and delicious cuisines. We offer you that opportunity with the world’s most easy to use and trusted Tandoors for the professional chefs as well as home chefs. The manufacturing of these machines need delicate attention so that it can produce the right temperature to give you the perfect crust. Our Tandoors offer not only the right temperature but various functionalities for the working chef in accordance with the need of the current dish. We aim to bring a rich cooking experience in every chef’s life.